Visiting Venice - Looking for a place to worship

Visiting Venice - Looking for a place to worship

If you are a disciple of Jesus Christ visiting Venice and are seeking a place to worship you may have noticed difficulty in finding an evangelical church, in particular one that is healthy and sound in doctrine.


This is no coincidence as today in Italy, after 500 years since the church reformation, the population is still less than 1% evangelical. Italy is a mission field. Chiesa Vera Vita is a church in the process of being planted for the people of the city of Venezia Mestre.

We warmly invite you to contact us in regards to joining us for a Sunday church gathering or midweek gospel community group gathering - Italian style. Our services and gatherings are entirely in Italian as we are an Italian church plant, however, we value our guests from other lands and are willing and able to provide a translation into English.


If you are interested in joining us please CONTACT US for more information.

Partner with the Vera Vita Church Plant

Chiesa Vera Vita is a church plant for the people of Venezia Mestre. To fulfill our mission in bringing the Good News to the lost and making disciples of Christ in this city we are praying for global partners to join us through Practical Missions Cohort. Gospel-partnerships of this nature can take many forms, but here are a few suggestions for you to consider:

  • Agree to commit for a 1-3 year period of partnership by means of prayer and financial support. 

  • In addition, your church could also send helpers to do some of the following: short-term evangelism cohorts, internships, English as Second Language classes, kids ministry and other things like these.


  • Our mission is also praying for long-term missionaries to join the church plant cohort for 2-4 year terms.




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